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At we aim to provide you all Puja Ingredients (Samagri) and Pandit Services online at the comfort of your home, providing you a hassle free Puja experience. is a dedicated spiritual online marketplace for spiritual and religious products. E-commerce marketplace is growing rapidly in India and has made way for new business opportunities, keeping Sanskar's brand and spiritual genre in mind we have come out with this Idea to provide an e-commerce platform, this will be supported by Sanskar. 

We aim to act as a central portal from where you can get qualified Pandits, Samagri’s, and consultation for your religious events.

We are inspired by Swami Vivekananda’s  “Back to Veda’s“ Phrase and believe that each and every person must have the right to have knowledge about them.

Hindu Religion is not merely a religion it is a combination of various lifestyle, therefore it appears to be vast. Due to this there are numerous kinds of Puja’s each of which has a specific way if being performed. Not everyone is aware of it, but this is a thing of the past now.

We at shall act as your medium to establish a connection with the divine.  Veda means, sacred spiritual knowledge. This knowledge was obtained through dedication, devotion and meditation, by several hundred Sages for years.  We shall provide the people with the mystic knowledge of the Vedas.

With the team of qualified Pandit’s we shall take care of all your Puja’s / Religious events from start till end by not only performing them but also explaining you the entire rationale behind the Puja.

That’s not it, register with us and become a part of Panchveda family and we shall provide you an update on all upcoming puja’s.

Besides this our services includes religious tourism, live Puja through video conferencing, Astrology consultations and Pind Dakshina

By-Rohan Mishra