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Product code - SKU: PI170

Length: 7 inches approx
Quantity: 2

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Length: 7 inches approx
Quantity: 2

The pavitra peacock feather is truly bliss Various colors of peacock-feather also signify the colors of life, which is sometimes bright, sometimes dull, gloomy and dark on various occasions. Bright colors stand for happiness, felicity, merriment and prosperity and dark color stands for sorrow, despondency and calamity. One should accept every challenge - every color which life offers to everybody, as a gift with equanimity.
feathers were used in shringar of deities.

.Peacock feathers Also AdornTthe crest of Lord Krishna, An avatar of Lord Vishnu, one of the trimurti..Lordkrishan always keep in its Mukut Always pavitra feather

pavitra feather keep as bookmark,keep in bhagwats,ramayans,mahabharat holy books,scruptulars,granths,geeta,purans.

Put up this beautiful Puja Peacock feather on your, temple, home, office and hotel to give it a unique look.

Length: 7 inches approx
Quantity: 2

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